Amish Recipes


Although the Amish life is one of simplicity and plainness, when it comes to food Amish cooking turns the simple into extraordinary. Whether you are visiting in Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, or any other part of Amish country, you will be delighted with Amish food.   People are frequently asking for our recipes because the food is so good, including Amish sour cream potatoes and macaroni salad. When it comes to deserts, the Amish whoopie Pie and world famous Amish shoo fly pie are among the favorites. A fun recipe for the whole family is the layered Amish haystack, and each person can include the ingredients they love best.
 Amish food is definitely comfort food, and meant to be enjoyed with family, friends, and good conversation. Home cooking at its best is found in every Amish recipe.
 The Amish Recipe Box provides you with many of the most popular Amish dishes for you and your family to enjoy. These diverse and delicious recipes are the next best thing to having an Amish woman cooking in your kitchen.
 Homemade cold cereals, granola, waffles, pancakes, pancake syrup, souffl├ęs, johnny cake, and a convenient brunch breakfast menu are a few of the recipes to get your day off to a good start. Meat and vegetable dishes for lunch and dinner include Stroh fish, fried chicken, pork chops, meat and potato casserole, chicken potpie, and scalloped potatoes. For dessert browse through the recipes for blueberry cobbler, eggnog pie, walnut apple cake, carrot cake, apple dapple, butterscotch pudding or chewy oatmeal bars.
 This is just a small sampling of the delicious Amish food you can make in your own kitchen, so be sure to visit often and enjoy more recipes.

Home of One of the first Amish settlers in Indiana. Arrived June 29th. 1841.



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